It’s clear that most of us do our cyber-cruising on smartphones, but those of us in e-commerce still use desktops and laptops to maintain or pursue our Dot Com lifestyle.

And the more successful we become, the more often we’re doing our e-commerce chores at remote locations via laptop.

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Practically speaking, touchpads are cool, but they’re not as efficient to use as browser shortcuts for quick cursor navigation.

If you’d like the option to go as mouse-free as that cat, here’s a list you may find useful:

9 Useful Browser Shorcuts

As well, the dudes over at How to Geek compiled a complete set of 47 shortcuts that are operative on all major browsers. There’s a command for almost every occasion.

Google, of course, has its own guide.

This is not geeky stuff for nerds. It’s a way of ensuring that you have more time to spend with other human beings by spending less time pointing at pictures on a computer screen.

It’s about speeding up a process by keeping information in your head rather than relying on information in the world. You wouldn’t think of teaching dance after three years by holding up a pictures from The Foundations of Classical Ballet before every exercise, nor do you have a copy of the Highway Code on your lap while you’re driving.


After all, the Dot Com lifestyle is all about maximizing your time with humans instead of machines.

The world’s full of places to go with things to see and do.

Success in e-commerce can make it happen, and making the most of its tools provides you with a more direct path to do it.

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