So, you’re standing on your bathroom scale and seeing it display a number.

What’s it really telling you?

Yes, you know how much you weight. However, that may not be enough. Researchers are finding, for example, that young people who aren’t physically fit are at greater risk of developing Type 2 diabetes later in life even if their weight is healthy.

Body Mass Index (BMI), which measures a person’s weight compared to height, can be useful to determine obesity in general. Thus, it can indicate risk of heart disease, diabetes, and premature death.

However, some people are more muscular than others, and BMI doesn’t take that into account.

The real bummer is this:

Body composition shifts as we age, with the proportion of muscle decreasing and the proportion of body fat increasing. That slows metabolism, making it easier to put on pounds in middle age even if people haven’t changed how they eat or how much they exercise.

gaining weight over 40

Obviously, body fat is not cool. If it rises to 36%-38% at any point in your life, you’ve put yourself in serious risk.

And here’s where recent studies should make online entrepreneurs — who spend time in a sedentary state for parts of the day — sit up and take notice:

Low muscle strength and low aerobic fitness each were associated with an increased diabetes risk — regardless of whether people were normal weight or overweight. Scoring low on both added to the risk.

sedentary w laptop

Multiple sources of information is always good, so don’t ignore that bathroom scale.

But there’s a way that’s just as simple to do and, in most cases, is a much more efficient indicator of your health status.

Where your body fat is stored matters:

It helps to be accurate with that measurement, too:

The Dot Com Lifestyle is best fulfilled by being fit enough to make the most of it.

Put that measuring tape to work on a regular basis!

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