Odds are you’ve read The Odyssey at some point.

One of the most tempting hazards on the voyage home for Ulysses and his crew were the Sirens. Succumbing to their vixen songs and setting a course toward their isle would actually lead not to satisfaction but instead to certain doom.

Who knew your refrigerator was nothing more than a modern-day Siren?

Maybe you have wise choices stored in it, but that’s not why you’re gazing into it.

According to the International Journey of Obesity, it’s because you’re stressed out in some manner. This leads to a pair of internal reactions:

  • The hunger hormone ghrelin kicks in during the evening hours, and
  • Your body produces less peptide YY, a hormone that contributes to feelings of fullness.

This could lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy that’s definitely not good.

Here’s the real bummer:

The urge to snack at night may lie in our homo sapien DNA, where our prehistoric ancestors burned energy all day and fueled up at night. So night-time snacking might be genetic.

Thus, don’t beat yourself up for a perceived lack of willpower when those nocturnal cravings kick in.

Instead, regulate what causes them:

  • Don’t deprive yourself during the day; graze sensibly when hungry.
  • Replace an evening habit with one where food isn’t part of it, like a short workout.
  • Select snacks that contain 150-250 calories and provide a mix of good carbs, healthy fats, and protein.

As well, be realistic with your daily diet. It’ll cut down on cheating yourself.

Most importantly, when you do eat, make sure it’s because you’re hungry as opposed to being bored or stressed.

If you’ve still got pangs after a balanced meal, light snacks are fine fare. They should feature protein and fiber. Examples would be Greek yogurt, fruit, nuts, or veggies with hummus.

There are enough rewarding but healthy choices in this evening routine to keep you on the path to fitness.

You’ve just gotta stick with it and resist the Sirens.

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