The obituaries are everywhere by now. The desktop is dead.

Except maybe it’s not.

Yes, desktop sales have plummeted with the advent of smartphones and tablets. But it seems the industry has adopted the philosophy of when the going gets tough, the tough start innovating.

Desktop manufacturers are looking for stuff their machines can do that more mobile devices can’t.

One dynamic example is the HP Sprout. It needs work but has promise:

The Dot Com lifestyle revels in mobility, but work stations at home remain a staple.

And in that respect, the Wall Street Journal’s Geoffrey Fowler offers four solid desktop recommendations. Check the link for narrative; here are the packages:

  • Keeping it simple: 27-inch iMac Retina 5K ($2,000 and up) or 24-inch Acer Aspire Z3-710 ($900 and up)
  • Multi-media and gaming: Dell XPS 8900 ($700 and up) or a Mac Pro ($3,000 and up), 32-inch Dell UltraSharp 4K monitor ($2,000), horn-styled Edifier Spinnaker speakers ($300), Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop ($130)
  • Families on a budget: HP Pavilion Mini ($270 and up) or Mac Mini ($500 and up), Amazon Basics wireless mouse and keyboard ($24), Harman Nova speakers ($300), spare TV or monitor
  • Laptop owners wanting desktop benefits … Dell UltraSharp 34 monitor ($1,200), KEF X300A speakers ($800), Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop ($130), and a laptop you already own.

Frankly, the Microsoft Surface Pro 3’s high-end version deserves to be in the mix, too. That’s my personal choice for mobile work when I’m traveling.

It only makes sense to have a complete arsenal for Dot Com lifestyle in cyberspace. And that means desktop computers will be around — in one form or another — for some time to come.


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