If anyone tries to sell you on a guaranteed plan for making content go viral, tell them you’ve got one and send them this video:

He’s here all week! Ba-da-boom!

OK, the dude’s being satirical, but frankly, his presentation isn’t all that far away from reality.

Let’s look at a more sincere dissertation on viral marketing:

We’re kidding ourselves if we think a viral smash is anything but being in the right place at the right time and in tune with a budding trend. However, increasing your chances of viral success is possible. There needs to be a spark between two elements: social media and creative content.

Creative content is uniquely yours, and social media is free. It’s a perfect combination for a low-impact, start-up, work-at-home business that could lead to a second income or even greater things.

How do you turn on the idea light to generate that creative content? Tatiana Liubarets has listed 13 personal sources for inspiration on her blog at Writtent.com. Please visit her article for more detail, but allow me to summarize the list here:

  1. Listen to music and dance
  2. Read books
  3. Go for a walk
  4. Play online games
  5. Meditate
  6. Pay attention to your visitors
  7. Spend time with your family and friends
  8. Read other people’s success stories
  9. Study and enjoy a work of art
  10. Be aware of the latest trends
  11. Always stay positive
  12. Be inspired by your colleagues who are doing creative works

You also need to develop a content strategy so your work has an efficient purpose. Here’s a procedural checklist to assist you in this task:

  1. Realize a content strategy isn’t optional … Fresh content creates continued interest.
  2. Establish a consistent tone for your message on each medium … There has to be continuity of identity in order to better orient visitors to your presentation. This is why general-interest products such as beverages and insurance companies utilize spokespeople or characters (animated or otherwise).
  3. Be original … Your most unique product is you.
  4. Act quickly … Keep up with the trends of the times or be left in the dust.
  5. Don’t fear failure … Trial-and-error is a tried-and-true research model.
  6. Be relevant … Know your niche and your ideal visitor, and then tailor your message to him or her.
  7. Focus on your visitors … It’s about them, their needs, and how your product resolves those needs for them.
  8. Forget old formats … Social media is becoming more effective than traditional paid advertising and is overtaking SEO as the primary referral traffic generator.
  9. Speak your visitors’ language … Remember, your primary task is educating them instead of impressing them.
  10. Be a narrator … Build your ‘story’ by identifying a problem and then resolving it in an entertaining manner.
  11. Don’t be boring … This is a vital function of word economy. Be succinct and get to the point efficiently.
  12. Provide free value … Offer your visitors a benefit right from the start, usually with information that begins to meet their needs, which is why they’re visiting your site in the first place.
  13. Embrace metrics and analytics … You can more easily refine your message if you understand how it’s being perceived.
  14. Realize that creating viral content is not simple … As you’ve no doubt heard many times, you have to work hard and often to become an ‘overnight success.’
  15. Do not spam … That’s not working hard; it’s being lazy and annoying.

Notice most of those items have been recurring points in other posts I’ve made. That’s because they’re tenets of the business and they work!

Let’s conclude with how you can actually put this information into practice.

Do know that the next presenter’s schtick is to be radical, which makes him appealing to his niche. He may be rough around the edges, but he’s presenting solid stuff that gets results at no out-of-pocket cost.

Believe me, what he’s saying is how it’s done:

E-commerce can be an avenue for more financial freedom if you’ve got the self-discipline to implement a strategy and constantly refine it.

Going viral can accelerate your success. These tips and techniques can make the Dot Com lifestyle a realistic objective.

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