Back in the days of door-to-door salesmen, there was an old joke that started with the dude knocking on a neighborhood door and the lady of the house answering.

To her shock, the first thing he did was toss a huge scoop of dirt on her entryway floor:

Salesman: Ma’am, if this new UltraSuck Z2000 vacuum cleaner doesn’t clean all that up in a minute or less, I’ll eat it myself.

Housewife: I’ll get you a spoon. The power’s off here for repairs.


Fast forward to this century and the era of social media. A mistake like that could’ve been worse.

Much worse.

As you plan your marketing campaign, you must take into account two fundamental factors:

  • Most of your targeted audience isn’t necessarily looking for you, and
  • It’s vital to know the buying cycle.

In social media, whether someone is actively searching for a product or service to solve a problem or simply surfing on general principles, keep in mind that you’re attempting to put yourself into their lives.


From the moment social interaction began, these have been the keys to sales:

It’s best to have some decorum about it, showing respect for someone’s time and situation instead of bluntly getting into their face.

In marketing terms, we can consider engagement to be that process of familiarization.

Once this occurs, a visitor is much more likely to become a return visitor to your business hub site, a social media presence that I highly recommend.


It’s a start.

Familiarity is also an important element in your initial marketing stages. If you’ve got an ad or post, for example, that your analytics show to be popular, design a campaign that features it frequently.

This is also the purpose of re-targeting, where you insert an unobtrusive snippet — called a pixel — into your page code for visitor tracking:

retargeting process

Well, they’ll be happy if you continue to engage with them.

It’s definitely more sensible than tossing everything you’ve got out there without even getting to know your visitors and their circumstances.

And it will give you a much better opportunity to gain a loyal customer.

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