My dad learned a valuable lesson from his dad, and he made sure to pass it along to me.

He said my grandfather was always busy. Every waking moment. In fact, he was so busy, he never got anything done. He simply spread himself too thin with his projects.

That’s a great way to miss out on stuff.

Like life.

The Dot Com lifestyle’s ultimate objective is to reclaim your time — your most precious commodity — taking it back from whomever is paying you to provide it for their purposes and instead using it in a manner you choose.

This pursuit is often hindered by a frustrating irony, especially when you’re getting your e-commerce business underway: spending too much time putting it all together and maintaining it afterward.

That’s where working smart becomes crucial.

It all starts with planning, of course:

As virtually all of us know, this is quite often easier said than done, especially as our e-commerce work station is centered around a screen and all the inherent distractions it can offer.

So, here’s a tip:

Incorporate a micro-time management system into your business.

One classic strategy is the Pomodoro technique:

Note that he didn’t say to use this system all day. Dedicate a block of time for a series of Pomodoro segments — choose the daypart when you’re at your creative best — and then mix it up with something else so you don’t get stale.

I’d also recommend that every fourth break should be slightly longer, like 15 minutes.

Odds are this small shift in your daily routine will also keep you on task psychologically. You’ve shaken up your normal grind, which seems to be an essential element in shedding your old ways and embarking upon more fulfilling days.

All you need to do for this to work is take productive action. That’s really smart!

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