There’s nothing like enjoying the Dot Com lifestyle, where financial freedom enables you to have the time and resources to enrich your life.

When your office is your laptop, tablet, and/or smartphone and you’ve followed our three-stage mantra to build a successful online business, making the most of what the world has to offer becomes virtually second nature.

For example, it’ll be much more convenient to visit and enjoy the irony of a man-made natural wonder reputed to possess healing powers.


OK, that’s man-made, too, but its imagery portrays how Icelanders have harnessed excess natural warmth into a world-famous eco-spa.

Literally built on more than 200 volcanoes that rose above the Atlantic Ocean, the island’s geothermal energy supplies 75% of the island’s heat and electricity.

One such plant lies halfway between the 40km ride from Keflavík International Airport to Reykjavík, which is Old Norse for Bay of Smokes. The first Vikings who settled there weren’t picky when describing steam.

That one power plant pipes enough heat and water to accommodate all the national capital’s energy needs.


It’s essential, but not aesthetic. No wonder it’s in the middle of nowhere.

But wait!

Icelanders are well-versed in the art of total usage, and they quickly realized that the plant’s spent saltwater spilling out over the lava field created a pleasurable bathing experience.

So they went to work and created the Blue Lagoon Resort & Spa:


Yes, it’s become a tourist attraction with prices to match, but it’s also become a totally enjoyable — and possibly rejuvenating — eco-vacation site.

Look at it now:


The only modesty that exists in Nordic cultures involves financial status, but for others visiting the Blue Lagoon, private showers have now been installed.

Here’s a visitor’s impression of the spa and its features:


And here’s a closer look at the Blue Lagoon’s world famous mud bath, featuring the ocean water, lava, and algae:


Night swims are also popular, as travelin’ Tom Hall discovered on a cold and windy night, where the saltwater was obviously still spa-cozy warm:


Being so close to both Reykjavik and the airport, daytrips are definitely a possibility, especially if you’re on an Icelandair flight with a layover package.

Clearly, it’s advisable to plan a visit in advance. If you’re living the Dot Com lifestyle, though, you’ve earned the right to be much more flexible and require much less notice.

So relax. You’ll be going first class all the way!

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