If the Dot Com lifestyle’s true currency is time — and it is — then managing it is a top priority.

It stands to reason that the best tools for doing so are digital.

The key is to utilize one that doesn’t wind up dominating your time itself.


Well-established programs like Evernote are excellent for tagging and taxonomy, but that just stores your time. At some point, you’ll still need to address an item in full, ie- deciding the logistics of deploying it.

Social media organizers like HootSuite are useful for tracking and maintaining completed items. However, you’ll still need to get those items created and developed before it comes into play.

The focal point of productivity is being efficient in the here-and-now, and that’s where a free tool such as Trello is worth considering:

On your way to the Dot Com lifestyle, you’ll ultimately retain virtual assistants or possibly collaborate with joint venture partners. The function of organizing group tasks is right in Trello’s wheelhouse.

However, Trello is just as effective for sole proprietorship scenarios.

In either case, your e-commerce enterprise must have an online hub to expedite success. And that hub’s got to show you’re in the here-and-now by posting fresh content on a regular basis.

Here’s how Trello can assist with coordinating a content management schedule for your website or blog:

Kalon Wiggins at Effective Mode is an advocate of the Kanban organizational system, which is the essence of Trello.

Efficiency involves using the right tools for the right tasks. As your business grows, you’ll find productivity software to be essential. Trello is clearly one of the best digital organizers out there.

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