E-commerce entrepreneurs spend so much of their time and effort in pursuit of potential customers.

Rightfully so, but the quest quite obviously can’t stop there.

Driving traffic is only part of the process. The goal is to earn sales from it.

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One of the most common pratfalls for those who are just beginning to pursue the Dot Com lifestyle is their pursuit of traffic becomes so intense that they often don’t see the forest for the trees.

For example:

Incredibly, the simpler some tasks are, the more complicated some people try to make them.


The last thing any e-commerce entrepreneur needs to be is overwhelmed. Especially when it’s not necessary.

If you’re committed to the Yoda Code, then odds are you’re going to be successful. It also means your planning has already paired your interests with your products and, by definition, your niche.

There are most likely many avenues available to reach your intended market. Here’s how to keep your pursuit of it manageable:

Get Started barRemember the mentorship part of our mantra, because success is rarely achieved alone. This product comes complete with personalized trainers, all of whom are verified $100,000 a month earners.

As well, it’s strongly advisable to have a high-ticket product in your portfolio. It really doesn’t take any more effort to promote them than lesser-price items, as long as it’s quality.

Best of all, here’s the point: you draw the traffic, and your trainer will do the conversion for you.

It’s an extremely profitable way to learn as you go.

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