Research has shown that you will eat, on average, 300% more food and calories by eating straight out of the package, bag, or container than you will if you simply pre-portioned out the appropriate serving size?

Simple strategy:  Don’t eat from the container.

eating from the container

Instead, set aside an appropriate serving size based on your calorie needs and goals and then put the container back in the fridge, freezer, or cupboard. Voilà! Instant portion control without falling victim to mindless snacking!

Speaking of snacking, if you like snacking on carbs but want to avoid storing them as fat, then avoid the No 1 worst-carb ever that we’ve warned you about before: corn fructose.

Having smoothies/shakes to make your diet more convenient is logical. However, the quality and healthfulness of your shakes is dependent on the ingredients used. You might want to check out BioTrust’s 53 Fat Burning Smoothie Recipes eBook for some ideas.

At the end of the day, your nutrition and exercise plan should be focused on these fundamentals for optimizing your health and body composition:

  • Consistency;
  • Eating mindfully and slowly;
  • 4-5 hours of regular exercise each week, including a combination of strength training, high-intensity conditioning, and low-intensity physical activity like walking, yoga, etc;
  • Food quality, ie- mostly whole, minimally-processed foods;
  • Appropriate macro-nutrients for your needs, goals, and activity levels using portion sizes as a guide and calibrating according to your internal cues;
  • 7 or more hours of sleep;
  • Plenty of parasympathetic activity, eg- rest, relaxation, active recovery, and play;
  • Low-intensity varied daily movementeg- fidgeting, standing up, walking around, and parking farther away;
  • Creating and maintaining a healthy physical and social environment;
  • Removing or meaningfully addressing crucial limiting factors and so-called ‘elephants in the room’ that can inhibit your mindset;
  • Ensuring that behaviors match stated goals, values, and priorities; and
  • Focus on taking action, right now, as in today.

feeling healthier

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