It’s the eternal quest in any sort of commerce:

How do we attract more customers to our business?

The process starts with an effective message, of course, as part of your marketing plan. Clearly, you don’t want to bust a budget getting it out there to your target market, which is why social media quickly enters into the equation.

The fundamentals are straightforward enough:

This still presents a few obvious challenges, not the least of which includes how to get the most out of any content you publish.

It’s true that once a post is shot into the digital beyond, it can and often will remain out there forever. This can create a passive advantage in the long run, but when your goal is to present a sense of immediacy in your marketing, here’s what it feels like when you see your message disappear down a timeline:

There’s a simple solution: publish your original content more than once.

However, to be effective, you’ve got to have a system as to how you do it.

  • Too much of the same post on the same platform in the same day can be construed by some as spamming.
  • Too much exposure in a short time span can just blend it into the reader’s background.

Thus, it’s best to create a distribution pattern across three or more social media platforms that you can easily manage, either manually or via automated alternatives such as an IFTTT or Zapier program.

Given the characteristics of the various services, here’s an example of an effective distribution pattern of the same message:

posted message distribution pattern

Let’s stretch it out a bit and add a fourth channel:

posted message distribution pattern four channels

All you need at that point is a method of keeping track:

  • What’s to be posted,
  • When it’s to be posted, and
  • How to configure it with the various platforms’ formats.

Your method can be whatever suits you, as long as it’s time-efficient. Perhaps it’s a formula-formatted spreadsheet, a free tool like Trello, or if your budget can absorb it, a paid tool like the Buffer Social Calendar.

A final touch would be to add a different twist to each posting of the same item. It only needs to be a simple sentence. Here’s an example.

vary post for each publishing

This method is either inexpensive or free — your choice — as well as simple, and it works. You’ve gotten tremendous mileage out of your content, which gives it a much better chance of wider readership.

Give it a couple of months, and odds are it will give you much better returns.

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