If you’ve set your sights on gaining financial independence through the Dot Com lifestyle, then there’s no reason to let the specter of working capital get in your way.

Scaling your e-commerce business to higher levels of sustainable success will be a done deal, simply by proving:

  • You know how to generate revenues,
  • You have an online presence for your business, and
  • You are well and truly committed to the Yoda Code.

Let’s first review the concept of working capital. It’s a mainstay for many bricks-&-mortar businesses, and here’s how the banks explain it:

PayPal is prepared to offer working capital to e-commerce entrepreneurs who have established a 90-day history of revenue generation of around $2000 per month via their own PayPal account:

  • No credit checks are required,
  • Funds will be deposited instantly,
  • It’s all done for just one low, affordable fee, and
  • The payback terms are flexible, based on sales.

Currently, PayPal will advance funds up to $85,000 based on their simple criteria.

  • If you’ve already achieved them, then go to PayPal Working Capital and get started.
  • If you’ve got an established business but don’t yet use PayPal, then open a Pay Pal Business Account and run as much of your revenues through them as possible.

If you don’t yet qualify and need funds today, then it’s time to show you’re committed to your own cause. This resource will still be there in 90 days, so get started now. After all, you only need to generate $55 per day to qualify in a year, or $222 daily to qualify within those three months.

This is patently attainable, but only if you’re serious, committed, disciplined, and ready to take action now. Should you need it, I’m here to help.

The rewards are worth it. The tools and resources are there. The Dot Com lifestyle awaits those with the will to achieve it.

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