Quick Pitch: Adaptu Wallet is a financial planner disguised as a mobile app.

Genius Idea: Adaptu Wallet links accounts, monitors spending and calculates future expenses to give users an accurate read of how much money they currently have.

The Internet makes spending money easier than ever before. But here’s something that online shoppers and real-life mall rats may not know — online money management is just as simple as spending.

Sites like Mint have been providing budgeting tools via the web for years, but Adaptu, which launched in 2010, has taken the concept to the next level — namely, your mobile device.

Those who indulge in retail therapy without realizing that their lack of money management skills may land them in actual therapy would do well to invest in Adaptu’s free app, Adaptu Wallet. It’s the first personal finance app that allows users to control their cash flow, and is available for iPhone, Android, and Kindle Fire.

Adaptu Wallet eliminates physical bulk by allowing you to take photos of membership cards and the like while simultaneously functioning as your financial conscience.

If you’re about to partake in an impulse purchase, the app will first tell you if have the dough, and then whether or not the spending fits into your overall budget.

Adaptu Wallet takes into account all of your financial information, from bank accounts to bills, and forces you to adapt to your current economic climate. And since the future is never far off, it also calculates upcoming expenses to provide you with an accurate read of how much fun money you actually have.

“At Adaptu, we encourage our members to plan for long-term, achievable financial goals, while enjoying the immediate benefits of feeling more in control of their money on a daily basis,” Lisa Hannah of Adaptu tells Mashable.

Just like with an ATM, a 4-digit PIN is required to access your information, and everything is encrypted with bank-level security. And don’t worry about a disconnect — every time your bank makes a change to your accounts, Adaptu will automatically do the same.

For the more seasoned budgeting enthusiast, investment summaries for IRA and 401(k) accounts are available. Essentially, Adaptu Wallet is a pocket-sized financial planner.

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