In 1996, Kevin Plank was a 23-year-old football player at the University of Maryland who was never going to be more than a cog on the special teams.

Those are the dudes who give their bodies up for the cause on high-speed collision plays like kickoffs and punt returns.


But his commitment to do the best with what he had elevated him to being named captain of that unit.

And his commitment to a brainstorm he had while trying to be the best defined the rest of his life.

Here’s the sentence that formed his future:

“I think sometimes entrepreneurs can get caught up with theorizing, hypothesizing, business planning — at some point, put the freaking pen down and go do something.”

Plank’s brainchild was UnderArmour, the sweat-wicking line of apparel that has blossomed into a $3billion-a-year operation.

You can read his full interview with the Washington Post here.

Plank is living proof that if you want change, you must take action.

And he looks for bright people with initiative who heed his advice.

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