If you or someone you know happens to own one of the USA’s 9.7million homes that are underwater with their mortgage, please pay special attention.

If that mortgage was written by a major bank — as opposed to a savings-&-loan — it’s odds-on you’re due for some major relief!

Let Senator Elizabeth Warren set the stage during this interview on the satiric Colbert Report:

For more detail, please read this investigative report in Rolling Stone magazine:

The $9billion Witness: Meet JP Morgan Chase’s Worst Nightmare

If you or someone you know is facing a foreclosure by a major bank on your underwater home, there’s a company that can resolve it for you.

Not stall the process for you. Not make fees off your misfortune. Not offer false hope.

But resolve it.

Some banks have dared to meet this company in court. They’ve lost every time! In one instance, the bank simply walked away from the mortgage rather than face a federal judge!

Why does this work?

Because the company principal understands the foreclosure process better than the banks do! Or, better put, it has discovered and confirmed from a legal standpoint exactly why that process is wrong!

Again, here is Senator Warren, grilling bank regulators over how cozy they’ve become with the banks they’re supposed to regulate. It’s clear that distressed homeowners were had from the beginning. There was no meaningful oversight:

Thankfully, there is now a company that can and will right these wrongs for homeowners victimized by the major banks.

If this service can be of use to you or someone you know, send them this link. They’ll be in direct contact with the company.

Because, if left unchecked, the problem can get unjustly worse. Read this article to see what can only be described as banks diabolically twisting the knife:

Americans Face Post-Foreclosure Hell; Wages Garnished, Assets Seized

Nobody should suffer the trauma of losing their home and hard-earned assets to circumstances beyond their control. This company can help. These bank foreclosures can be beaten!

Please pass this message along. If it can lead to saving a family’s house, it’s well worth letting them know.

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