Who knew that language conversion technology would already be going where no translator has gone before?

The latest breakthrough takes the handheld variety one step further.

That’s because it goes straight into the ear and translates in real time. Literally.

That’s right. This incredible piece of tech was crowdfunded. In fact, it overshot by 3177%, raising $4,425,540 in its call for funds.

Numbers like those clearly confirm there’s a market for it.

Waverly Labs has dubbed it The Pilot, and it’s due to be available for purchase later this year for a suggested price of $249.

The first burst of languages offered will be English and French — as we’ve seen — along with Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese. The next wave is expected near the end of the year, where German, Hindi, Hebrew, Mandarin, Slavic, and East Asian will be introduced.


Do note that the Pilot earpieces are connected via Bluetooth.

Another product is making its way to the public, and it needs no external assistance. This one comes from Japan and resembles a sleeker version of the United Federation of Planet’s original universal translator.

Remember it?

The ili instant translator is totally self-contained.

If you’ve got a couple of seconds and don’t mind a pendant, this could work:

It’s first languages will be English, Japanese, and Chinese. Next up: French, Thai, and Korean.

So, if Asia’s your theater, this device could do the job.

A key freedom those who live the Dot Com lifestyle enjoy is international travel. With language tools like these — and surely, the others that will inevitably follow — you won’t have to go where no man has gone before to enhance your experience while visiting other cultures.

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