An ironic drawback to the Information Age that is the 21st century is that there’s just so much of it.

Amid this carpet-bombing of communications din, your challenge is to make your marketing message stand out to the extent that you’ll be in that coveted 3% of e-commerce entrepreneurs who actually achieve the Dot Com lifestyle.


As daunting as those odds of success seem, someone has to get there, or there’d be no odds at all.

So, why not you?

And why not now? Here’s TK Coleman from Goalcast:


Clearly, establishing rapport and building trust are the primary purposes of your marketing message. If you succeed at these and represent a product and/or service you trust, then you’re on your way.

Thus, make good decisions about where you’re gonna place your own credibility.

In the wise words of Nobel laureate Richard Feynman:


You don’t need to be William Shakespeare or Lou Reed to compose your message, but it’s strongly advisable that you emulate Tenzing Norgay or Sacajawea.

That’s because the most effective narratives guide readers through their texts.

This involves a combination of techniques, from transitional phrases to page formatting. One of the most effective and simplest to implement is establishing a secondary reading path.

This is merely the practice of highlighting keywords. Here’s a video example promoting a recent webinar; Eugene and Wayne can thank me later for using it:


The object in both text and video is to draw the reader’s eye to an overview of your message. It increases your chances of focusing attention on your overall content, adding a third level of engagement pop to two tried-&-true prerequisites:

  • A catchy headline;
  • A strong opening sentence; and
  • A secondary reading path.

In this way, you’re helping your reader see what you’re saying.

When you speak, you use inflection for emphasis. To make an important point, you might raise your voice and enunciate each word slowly and clearly. These get your audience’s attention, which provide a point of reference.


You’ve surely become aware of the secondary reading path in this article. Note how it also incorporates highlighted links, italics, and bold, colored text for the same purpose.

Just keep in mind: you’re offering an overview. Don’t overdo it.

Save the too-much-of-a-good-thing thing for your earnings due to a more effective marketing message.

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