Back in the ’90s — the late 1890s, that is — persistent visionaries like George Baldwin Selden and Alexander Winton were routinely and roundly ridiculed for having the audacity to believe a self-powered vehicle could ever become a reality.

The jeer of get a horse may have been trendy back then, but it’s a symbol of foolishness now for the refusal to believe that technology, like society, marches on.

No one in their right mind would deny anymore that change is inevitable.

And yet, like blacksmiths in the 1890s who refused to accept this fact at their peril, there are always Luddites who resist, usually out of a fear that they won’t be able to adapt.

Just like a coughing canary in a coal mine, when signs emerge that a certain sector’s jobs are gonna go, those affected had best realize the underlying reason is irreversible:

Something better is imminent.

Jeremy Rifkin is an accomplished economist and social theorist who’s authored numerous books, given many TED talks, and advised international organizations.

He believes a third industrial revolution is now in progress because current developments meet three key interactive criteria:

  • New communication technologies,
  • New sources of energy, and
  • New modes of transportation.

These are already being manifested in the Internet of Things.

Inherent in this and the lessons of history is the obviosity that jobs change.

Frankly, despite poorly informed protestations to the contrary, digital-based companies like Amazon are creating employment.

These positions don’t necessarily call for relocation, either:

Additionally, every successful e-commerce entrepreneur knows Amazon and other digital-based businesses are creating more retail jobs.

What’s more, they’re giving smaller operators the same opportunity as the big brands to reach a global market.

That’s why there’s never been a better time to take action.

You’ll find more than enough information on these pages to get started correctly and effectively. Just make a meaningful commitment and formulate your plan of attack.

It’s your future. Don’t be a blacksmith.

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