Success involves getting into a position where the odds are in your favor.

Frankly, most online marketers don’t take the time or make the effort to research how to accomplish this. And that’s why 97% of them fail.

Here’s the ray of sunshine in that sobering statistic:

The other 3% — the motivated marketers — double or triple their profits by understanding their market and themselves, and how to make the connection.

It comes down to one simple approach:


The double-edged sword of getting underway in e-commerce is this: while you’re you own boss, you’re also your only employee. Your variety of tasks — administration, content provision, marketing, etc — will pull you in different directions, albeit in pursuit of the same goal. Thus, focus literally becomes your make-or-break factor.

It’s why having a plan is essential. In short order, you need to determine:

  • A topic or field you enjoy and are good at doing,
  • Where you can find others who share your passion for it,
  • A useful product or service you can provide to them,
  • How you can reach them in an effective manner, and
  • What budget you can afford to make it all happen.

The first item on that list is easy; it’s the cornerstone of living your dream. As to the second, there are 7billion people on this planet; you will find like-minded individuals. The third will take a bit of research; start from the viewpoint that you’re also your own best customer.

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Then, it’s time for the rubber to meet the road. You must meld with your market. You need to attract traffic.

This is what separates the successful 3% from the other 97%. It’s when your focus must be laser-targeted.

You must become an ace at one skill set and not a jack of all trades.

Pick one source of traffic attraction — your own website, guest posting, e-mailing, video, paid ads — and master it. Do not waver from your choice until you can literally teach its fundamentals to someone else. All of those methods can produce results, but none will until you truly understand what you’re doing and why.

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This isn’t easy. You’ll want to realize massive results, but they probably won’t come right away. You won’t know all the answers. You’ll make mistakes. You’ll wonder about your budget.

You’d best have found a mentor by this time, because he or she will have been through all of that already before they achieved the Dot Com lifestyle. It’s a rite of passage, and only 3% survive it. Your mentor can help you maintain your focus.

The most dangerous tripwire of all — and I cannot stress this enough — is Shiny Object Syndrome with its lure of instant traffic and resultant riches distracting you by shifting your attention in another direction. This will wind up costing you time, more money, and focus.

It’s the siren of your cyberspace odyssey that you must resist.

Again, it’s easier said than done. But you must trust your research, your plan, and your mentor. Stay the course.

Choose mastery over methods.

Every successful e-commerce entrepreneur has faced temptation, fought through it, continued to refine his or her chosen traffic-source implementation, and ultimately, started getting results. So will you. This is when you truly begin learning how your chosen traffic source will work for you.

And this is when attaining the Dot Com lifestyle becomes a real possibility. You’ve tailor-made an entrepreneurial career that will fulfill your ideals because you kept motivated throughout the start-up process and had the discipline to ace your acquired traffic-sourcing skills.

Your focus will have altered the odds and set the stage that will enable you to join that life-changing 3%.

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