A platform that was rolled out in 2014 can’t exactly be described yet, as an oldie-but-goodie.

However, it is still an efficient fitness tool, no matter what new apps and methods have been released since then.

It’s possible that the Johnson & Johnson 7-minute Workout app is even more relevant today than in 2014, given how the number of e-commerce entrepreneurs keeps growing.

That’s down to you to decide.

Just know that there are at least two tendencies that can be health-averse on your way to the Dot Com lifestyle:

  • You’ll be able to travel much more often, which often gets you out of your fitness regimen, and
  • You’ll have spells where you go into overdrive to implement a new idea or campaign.

As if it wasn’t well-known already, the Harvard Medical School re-confirmed that one of the five most beneficial exercises available is walking for an average of 45 minutes a day.

Still, even that can be slightly too time-consuming when you’re on a roll with your online business.

So, remember the 7-Minute Workout app:

The reality is you’ll want to go through three total reps to get the burn you want, but the convenience is you can easily do it at home or in your hotel room.

It takes commitment, motivation, and self-discipline to attain the Dot Com lifestyle.

Use those same principles to ensure you’re in shape to enjoy it, and keep in mind that some of the most effective ways to do it never really go out of style.

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