Sun 30 Jan 2022
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Better Life Focus

a service of
The Norra Ljusen Trust
Box 1424
Mercer Island Wa 98040


My heritage is Swedish, which means I’ve been raised with a strong knowledge of the Viking culture.

Yes, they were a hard people who prevailed in cruel times, but they brought much to Western civilization that influences our lives to this day.

The Norse were also well known fearless adventures and astute traders.

Viking rune

These are the traits that guide me through the world of e-commerce, and they’ve served me well. It’s why I use the Viking rune for good fortune as the Better Life Focus logo.

However, I believe that we make our own fortune. Success requires motivation, discipline, intensity, and focus.

About us

Better Life Focus is dedicated to the motivated entrepreneurs who know that the way they’ll achieve financial independence is to take action.

Furthermore, the motivated entrepreneurs know that the way to maintain that independence is by taking control of all aspects of their lives.

I’m Kjell Sherman, and it’s my privilege to host Better Life Focus. I’ve been an athlete Kjell - Iso Shotall my life, where I learned what discipline, preparation, and intensity can do when they’re directed at a single objective. Mine is living productively on my own terms, and with e-commerce, I’m doing it.

I’ve researched and/or used all the techniques, tools, products, and services you see on this site, and I can personally confirm they work. But only if you’re motivated to take action.

The dot-com lifestyle is attainable. All you need is the decision to go for it and the commitment to take action!

Here’s my three-step philosophy for success:

  • You need a plan, something you’ll like to do 1-2 hours a day;
  • You need a mentor, someone who’s been there successfully; and
  • You need to automate your tasks, so your rote operations will run themselves.

This is the essence of Better Life Focus. Because it works … if you take action.