At some point in everyone’s life, they should stroll down Oxford Street in London during the Christmas season.

If you’re not in a hurry to go anywhere or do anything, it’s actually quite fun. But if you are, look at all that traffic! That congestion!


With all those people about, you wonder how many of them are holiday shoppers, gazing into store windows to see if there’s anything of interest to them. More to the point, how many of them can even get near a store window? The scene is only slightly less hectic in the famed Bahnhofstraße in Zürich, Orchard Road in Singapore, or any of a thousand metropolitan areas.

The point is clear. You can have all the traffic you want go flitting by your shop, but even your clever window display might not be enough to attract enough walk-in customers to keep you in business.

It’s the customers who make your shop a destination who keep you in business.

Cyberspace is no different. It’s just bigger.


Thus, it’s vital for e-commerce entrepreneurs to slice and dice through all that congestion and attract the traffic that counts: the targeted traffic, those visitors most likely to make their shops a destination point.

If your site or blog only gets 10 hits a day, but those hits are comprised of opinion leaders, you’ll most likely have more conversions than a competitor’s site or blog that’s getting 1000 drive-by hits a day.

It’s the opinion leaders who visited you who will carry your message to their circles, increasing the likelihood of your message going viral.

So, find opinion leaders.


Research followed by taking action. Here are a few ideas:

Incidentally, synonyms for opinion leaders are thought leaders and influencers. We just choose to go with the original term coined back in 1944.

The essence of going viral is the process of sufficiently informing and impressing your visitors so they’ll spread your message for you.

And opinion leaders are your catalysts.

This approach is beyond logical and well worth the time and effort to study and apply.

Targeted traffic is the life’s blood of your enterprise. And viral targeted traffic is, as those of my heritage would say, your modern-day ticket to Valhalla!


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