The old bromide that time is money doesn’t go far enough in getting to the real point:

  • Time itself is the precious commodity.
  • The money determines how much of it is yours to enjoy as you choose.

The Dot Com lifestyle, then, is predicated on how efficiently you dedicate your time to generate the revenues necessary to reclaim more of it.

When you decide to become an e-commerce entrepreneur, you’ve made a logical decision to stop trading your time for what someone else thinks you’re worth.

Then, when you take it a step further and choose to become a motivated e-commerce entrepreneur, you’ve made a strong statement that you’re totally committed to becoming a success.

The efficient use of time in this quest is why I strongly advocate including at least one high-ticket product in your online portfolio. The logic is straightforward:

It really doesn’t take any more time to promote than lesser-priced products.

The key is being part of a system that provides the wherewithal to make this strategy viable and eliminate those clock-chomping promotional chores that should be passé in 21st century e-commerce.

One way to explore this concept is to engage with a licensing system, which is a revenue-generating introduction to the high-ticket concept. Its sales funnels lead to back-end services that provide training as well as direct contact with the system’s principals and administrators.

For example, this is a screenshot of one of my high-ticket back-end pages, showing:

  • a range of proven traffic-attracting tools that you can access immediately,
  • a walk-through of everything you’ll need to capitalize on the high-ticket opportunity, and
  • an introductory video — that you’re free to customize, if you wish — surrounded by testimonials to underscore the system’s viability:

Better Life Franchise - License product screenshot

At the bottom of the page, you’ll find:

  • a bar you can click for a no-obligation, one-on-one Skype call with a program coordinator, and
  • my direct e-mail address, should you have any questions for me.

As you can see, in my case, I did customize the video to offer my own testimonial and introduce the system’s creator, Paul Lynch. I’m a founding member of his Inner Circle Riches group, so I already knew this system was a winner.

Here’s the video:

Again, unless I make a special invitation, only e-commerce entrepreneurs who purchased one of the products listed — I’ve set prices to vary between $1 and $29 — will arrive at the back-end page.

It’s a built-in sign they’re motivated, which is the precursor to commitment. They’re who I’m seeking as business associates.

However, since you’ve taken the initiative to visit this page, here’s a special deal:

Click on this banner to get a proven traffic magnet for free:

Like the other useful tools listed in the screenshot above — and five go for the totally affordable price of $1 — this one works now. Given that it could help put you on the fast track to a life-changing future, the logical business decision is to check it out!

Once you review what’s available as part of the system — training, tools, and a professional sales staff — you’ll understand that high-ticket programs are indeed a fast-track to the Dot Com lifestyle.

This could be for you. Give it a try. If it’s a fit, then I’ll see you soon!