It’s a centuries-old tradition.

Maybe 1 January is the start of a new year, but the vernal equinox is the metaphorical start of a new dawn.

Whatever the inspiration, spring cleaning is one of mankind’s better ideas.


As opposed to some of mankind’s other ideas.

Here in the Information Age that is the 21st century, where anyone with a focused motivational drive and an internet connection can attain the Dot Com lifestyle, it’s organization and efficiency that’s paramount to godliness. After all, if your time is your own, you want to have as much of it as possible to do what you want to do.

More to the point, since cyberspace is where your income emanates, nothing is more important than keeping your access to it in maximum condition at all times.


There are two stages to the maintenance process: decluttering and physical cleaning. Clearly, both are essential.

First, though, a couple of general suggestions:

  • Motivated marketers are, by definition, heavy users. Thus, it’s advisable that if you don’t have a gaming computer already, get one. They’re cutting edge, are designed to be workhorses, and are RAM heroes. Those machines can still blaze with 15 tabs open.
  • Unless you built your own machine from scratch, contracting for 24-7 tech support is a must. Down time equals lost money. Services like Geek Squad offer remote access and not only sort out glitches, they’re also available for routine maintenance.


Tips to Declutter Your Computer

1. Move files from your desktop.

Name a motivated marketer who doesn’t do bulk desktop saves when working on a campaign or project. This tendency has a way of creeping up to the point that, at some point, you’ll wonder where your monitor wallpaper went.

This can actually slow your computer down. It can actually slow you down, too, searching for wayward photos, videos, and/or documents. Take some time and create a real filing system.


 2. Organize your cloud backup.

This is assuming you have cloud backup. If you don’t, get it. Don’t risk all that cool and captivating content that goes a long way toward making your business unique.

Carbonite and Backblaze are two popular services that are the equivalent of insurance policies for your good work.

3. Ditch the duplicates.

After all, this is another reason to have a backup service. You also have the likes of Google Photo and Apple Photo to assist. Again, it’s strongly advisable to organize a system after you’ve cleaned out stuff that really doesn’t and won’t fit into your cache of warm and fuzzy memories.


4. Clear out your transition folders.

Temp files, downloads, and your recycle bin are notorious space eaters on your hard drive. Odds are you’re done with the files in them or have moved their significant data elsewhere, so blow these out on a regular basis.

5. While you’re at it, sort out your email inbox.

Few things can get outta hand as quickly as your correspondence — both wanted and unwanted — even when you have a system that’s working for you.

One form of organization that many experienced marketers use is dedicated email addresses where each one has a specific function. For example …

  • one is dedicated to new acquaintances,
  • one is dedicated to receiving software news and information,
  • one is dedicated purely to administrative correspondence, and so on.

There’s a folder, of course, for every significant party or project. The alternative is chaos, more wasted time, and possibly lost opportunities.


Time to get one, sooner rather than later.

Tips to Clean Your Computer

Frankly, in most home environments, simply running a duster over the tower and keyboard isn’t enough.

Here are the pros at Gaming Scan to demonstrate a thorough walk-through of cleaning the most vital machine in your financial life:


Then, remember to check your router. You may want to run a speed test comparing it to a hard connection to ensure it’s still up to date with the state of play. If not, it’s time to upgrade.

Finally, don’t forget to give strong thought to your password system. Artificial intelligence is becoming relentless in its ever-increasing sophistication, and it’s not only the good dudes who deploy it. Caveat emptor.

Not even data rattling around in chaos can avoid a black-hat raid if it strolls in through your barely protected front door. That’s a centuries-old occurrence, too.

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