The technology for virtual and augmented reality is here.

Like any other leap forward — take the evolution from mobile phones from unwieldy virtual bricks to today’s slender computers, for instance — the issue has always been making the transition from privileged niche to commonplace practicality.

Now, it’s a foregone conclusion that the days of bulky VR and AR headsets are numbered.

The engineering involved is just incredible.

Sony is also becoming a player in this field. Their lenses will use a combination of sensors:

  • a piezoelectric sensor,
  • an infrared sensor, and
  • an acceleration sensor.

Working in conjunction, they’ll measure changes in pressure, temperature, acceleration and force, which the device will calibrate and translate into control instructions.

There’s more: the contact lenses could also be equipped with gyroscope technology to correct tilted images, get rid of blur images, and control aperture.

contact lens tech elements

Just as the Internet was brought to life by the American military’s DARPA, these high-end lenses have DARPA’s handiwork all over them, too.

The product that’s farthest along is eMacula, a result of their joint-venture arrangement with Bellevue, Wa-based Innovega.

It’s a wearable system — utilizing enhanced contact lens and specially-designed glasses — that only awaits regulatory approval before being made available to the public.

emacula glasses and contact lens

The FDA is the agency responsible as prescription eyewear is involved, whether or not the user needs corrective lenses.

The system is actually a huge refinement in headgear:

  • It affixes a screen to the inside of a traditional pair of glasses.
  • Then it adds contact lenses to the equation.
  • The contacts are outfitted with dual focal planes similar to bifocals.
  • This lets wearers focus on the screen without it needing to be set inches away from their eyes.

Once approved, you’ll have natural vision until you decide to activate the system. Then, you’ll be able to keep your head up while walking.

At the very least, this should minimize video clips of people strolling into poles, parking meters, and whatever else they might not notice while checking their phones for current information.

AR apps are already in the market, and VR is a fact of life. The market for products that facilitates them is growing exponentially.

Clearly, e-commerce entrepreneurs are positioned to be at the forefront of these developments. We need to be keenly aware of them and excited about the opportunities they’re about to present.

This is where it’s going. Be ready to be right there with it.

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