With each passing month, more and more autonomous cars are being rolled out.

Most are headed for yet another test drive to check systems. However, an increasing number are finding their way to showrooms.

The Volvo XC90 T6 SUV led the way last year, and now it’s got company. The caveat, though, is today’ self-driving cars do so on a limited basis and are already serving notice that society’s got to catch up with the technology.

Just know the tech isn’t waiting around for that to happen.

It’s got most of the major details of safe and practical robo-driving sorted:

And the car companies are actually deploying those advancements in vehicles that don’t look like drivers’ accessories will include pocket protectors:

self-driving mercedes

Just because the Dot Com lifestyle offers many more alternatives for vehicles, let’s have a look at where one manufacturer is going with one of its premium models that are expected to hit the showrooms sooner rather than later:

And here’s how close a BMW is to turning this model over to the purchasing public:

For those waiting for lesser-priced vehicles to become ubiquitous, a major tech breakthrough has accelerated the timeline.

It involves a key component called LiDAR. Google’s spinoff company, Waymo, has just announced an advance that cuts the cost of manufacturing it by 90%.

This development, among others, will put more affordable cars in the game.

Fully autonomous cars are on the road to affordability, just like handheld calculators were in the 1970s and every type of electronic device has been since then.

So, it’s not too early to make plans for fitting one into your budget now.

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