Anyone who’s successful in e-commerce — where credibility is essential — knows the value of their words.

And anyone who’s achieved the Dot Com lifestyle can attest to the value of their actions.

January is the traditional month for people to put it out there for all to see how serious they are when the rubber meets the road. Frankly, New Year’s resolutions can be fun and frivolous, but they can also be an excellent opportunity for you to follow through on those promises to yourself if you’re truly seeking a meaningful upgrade in your current financial status.

At some point, this involves earning life-changing money.

Grant Cardone is a self-made millionaire who speaks bluntly about what it takes to get rich. His basic message is don’t kid yourself.

Paraphrasing in e-commerce context:

  • You’re not going to turn petty cash into an instant pile of cash;
  • You must commit to mastering fundamentals of the business;
  • You need symbiotic revenue streams; and
  • You must strive to be great, as ordinary doesn’t cut it.

If you’ve steeled yourself to achieve the Dot Com lifestyle — and it’s a true commitment — then open up a spreadsheet and put yourself in prime position to succeed:

  • Account for every penny you have, from savings to stocks;
  • Account for your long-term debt and monthly expenses;
  • Begin to pay down your debt and build an entrepreneurship war chest.
  • Stabilize your spending; do not increase it as your income increases.
  • Do not borrow to enhance your business growth.

If you’re going to make a life-changing leap in wealth, you’ll need the resources to expand without increasing your obligations. Being stuck with your current standard of living should provide motivation enough to stay the course.

And why borrow when you can factor? PayPal offers a facility that scales your operating capital as your business grows.

Finally, let’s address the term done for you.

It’s not describing a silver bullet system that allows you to merely sit back and watch the revenues appear. Any enterprise promising that is likely marketing snake oil. After all, if it’s so self-sustaining, why would you even be needed?

The reputable operations use this term to offer a marketing base that handles all the technical aspects of e-commerce and includes the basic elements — website and/or blog template, promotional materials, sales funnels, professional sales staffs, training and support, etc — for you to customize and administer.

It’s still your responsibility to attract the prospects.

It is if you know what you’re doing.

You’re not going to get far by being like everybody else. Embrace your uniqueness and show it in cyberspace.

Scalability and engagement start with you.

Be prepared to put at least 80% of your revenues back into your business. This will include:

  • Outsourcing as your operations increase;
  • Adding more sophisticated software to handle more daily tasks; and
  • Travel expenses for in-person informational and networking opportunities.

If you stay true to your plan, choose a successful mentor, increase your automated functions, and become an authority figure within your product and/or service’s niche, you’ll be positioned to realize a 10x increase in your wealth.

That’s life-changing money.

Where it goes from there is your decision. It’s one of the perks in the Dot Com lifestyle.

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