Full disclosure: I’m a millennial.

I owe my success in online business to millennials, mainly because, by definition, I understand millennials. We grew up in cyberspace. We understand how to explore cyberspace.

And we know how to find what we want in cyberspace.

No demographic is more prepared to consider online products and services than millennials. However, as Don Tapscott commented in the video, no demographic is going to scrutinize them more than millennials, either.

As such, if your messages are going to resonate with this crowd, here are four key factors to consider:

  1. Content must be tailored to their individual interest … That means drilling deep to identify the target market for your niche.
  2. Content must inspire, educate, and/or entertain … Millennials are exposed to around 5000 marketing messages a day. Your message must provide value in their lives in order to get a considered look.
  3. Content must elicit a desire for the reader to share your product or service … Create a series of messages that are uniquely yours, and tailor it for efficient exposure.
  4. Content must create a framework for trust … If you don’t show your belief in your product or service, you’ll get nowhere with millennials.

Arguably, these are tried-&-true guidelines for any demographic, but they’re essential in attracting millennials. That’s because our demographic is more blunt than most, and it naturally follows that we appreciate bluntness, especially if it’s got a measure of snark.

Of course, for a generation that considers cyberspace to be a way of life, it’s not a surprise that if you truly want to connect with them, your message needs to be deliverable via the medium that accompanies them everywhere:

Google has noticed. It’s altering its algorithm to favor sites that are mobile-friendly.

Marketing to millennials can be incredibly productive. No demographic will be more ready to receive your message, but only if you show you respect their perspective.

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