Spinning their way to the forefront of relevance — or at least trying to — Polaroid claims they invented the original social network.

According to CEO Scott Hardy, this is because they “allowed people to instantly share a moment in time with others.”

Not sure if the Neanderthals who painted hunting scenes on cave walls would dispute that, as instantly is a relative term to a society’s tech level. So let’s allow Polaroid to have its moment and see why they think they’re back.

It’s the Instagram-inspired Socialmatic:

This may be a first for social media, shaping a physical product like a logo. Not sure how many cybernauts will want to carry an extra device on their persons, but those who do will have a $300 digital camera that shoots, prints, and shares 14-megapixel images with ease. Socialmatics enable users to edit photos directly onscreen and customize their cameras with Android apps and GPS.

What’s more, a 2-megapixel selfie camera on the back ensures you’ll never be short on Tinder pictures.

Because each Socialmatic comes with a unique QR code, you’ll also be able to track the use of your photos on the Internet, as it ties back to Polaroid’s own social platform, the Socialmatic Photonetwork. When connected to a WiFi network, the camera can even upload images to Instagram or Twitter

The Socialmatic is a Polaroid camera designed for Millennials

It’s straightforward and easy to use, with the big 4.5-inch touchscreen for framing up shots and a simple process that would allow even an Android rookie to take and print a photo in less than a minute.

There’s also no worrying about smudging, smearing, tearing, or dousing the physical images because the printers use Zero Ink technology.

One oddity is Socialmatic prints rectangular, adhesive-backed snapshots in a 2-inch by 3-inch size. As Instagram’s photos are always square, it’s clear some sort of tech compromise was forced in the name of practicality.

Socialmatic photo

And although the camera does come with a 10-pack of specialty paper, it’ll cost you another $25 for 25 sheets.

Compare that to services like Printstagram, which only costs 50¢ per print and comes in the standard square Instagram format.

Just shoot, edit and print or upload, and Voilà!

It’s always a good idea to take a look at what current users are saying. And for that, the reviews at Amazon are always a good place to peruse.

Instagram is a Millennial magnet that continues to grow rapidly. If you’re already a denizen there or believe it to be in your best interests to dive into it, then this tailored-to-the-platform camera could well be worth your while.

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