Seattle’s famous Pike Place Market isn’t just about tossing around the day’s catch:

It’s also about making sure there’s a catch to toss around in the future.

That’s why the Market and one of the city’s renowned chefs, Ethan Stowell, have teamed with Microsoft co-founder and resident billionaire Paul Allen to introduce a new program promoting sustainable seafood in restaurants.

It’s called Smart Catch, and here’s why it’s a necessary program:

The data for certification comes from NOAA’s Fisheries data and Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program, both of which monitor the health of various fisheries around the world.

It’s a sad fact that 90% of the oceans are overfished already. Fortunately, this is one issue where many nation’s have been proactive rather than politicized. The United States is one of them:

Smart Catch ranks fish on a scale of 0-4, with 4 being the most recommended or considered a green fish. Bad fish are either gray, where not enough is known to determine a rating, or red, where the recommendation is to avoid it completely.

Other successful sustainable seafood programs abound, as well. Among them are:

 Fish Choice  Hy-Vee
 Fish Wise  Marine Stewardship Council
Green America  SeaChoice


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