The wonder of life is the massive number of how many amazing things are out there in this world.

The mystery is why, if search engine optimization is so important to successful marketing — and it can be — there’s so little data on one of its most effective forms:

A website’s internal, or on-site, search engine

One look at any page of cyber-giants like Amazon, eBay, and Ali Express will confirm the ultimate argument in favor of its inclusion.

amazon, ebay, ali express internal search engines

No one cedes that much real estate to a function if it’s not producing results.

At their core, it’s quite basic how search engines do their job:

Their criteria algorithms are becoming more sophisticated by the year, which ironically enhances their ability to better detect sites with original content that’s written by an educated, keyword-oblivious human.


Fortunately, an e-commerce entrepreneur’s on-site search engine doesn’t need to be so sophisticated. However, it is essential for maximizing success rates.

Again, studies to confirm this point are incredibly rare, but one from ConversionXL in 2014 delivered the goods:

  • On average, 30% of visitors will perform an on-site search; and
  • Visitors who perform an on-site search will generate more revenue than those who don’t.

The compelling data didn’t stop there:

  • Visitors who perform a site-search are twice as likely to convert; and
  • They’re also more likely to return to the site with an intent to purchase.


Analyzing site data is virtually every entrepreneur’s least favorite task, but it’s got to be done if they expect their endeavor to be a profitable business as opposed to a money-sucking hobby. Usually the deeper they drill, the more efficient their efforts become.

To start, simply focus on the fundamentals and engage an on-site search engine.

They’re not difficult for non-techs to create and install. Here’s a quick tutorial for both Word Press and HTML-based sites:

Plugging it in to Google Analytics is even more convenient:

Make them prominent on each page, and then, make certain your most descriptive keywords are used naturally and each site page has its own title.

Your on-site search engine will take it from there.

And so will your customers.

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