First and foremost, exercise has a place in our daily routines. It goes without saying that any activity that improves and/or maintains our fitness should be a priority.

But life has speed bumps, as any motivated marketer can attest. There are times when a new campaign or implementation of a new element in our operations can demand our total and intense attention.

However, excess weight and obesity are both like rust. They’re processes that never sleep.


While there are fitness regimens to complement travel and full schedules, sometimes even body toning can get usurped for one reason or another.

However, no matter what, we’ve still got to eat, and that plays right into the point that it’s the most effective factor in weight control.

This clearly involves a long-term commitment for physiological reasons, among other things:


Fittingly, then, a change in weight calls for a change in mindset.

That starts with a positive outlook and making minor steps that can produce a major result. For example, pledge to shave 100 calories a day from your intake through subtle changes in your habits.

The process doesn’t have to be drastic. In fact, it can actually be enjoyable. Best of all, the way licensed nutritionists see it, their recommendation is simple and easy to follow:


Nutritionists are also keen on debunking myths that we’ve all heard but usually cause the opposite effect. Here are a few they advise that we should remember to ignore:


The benefits of being in shape should speak for themselves. Online-oriented business only increases their importance, what with the time spent sitting in front of screens each day.

But it’s essential that our time spent with food and drink be done with the same motivation and discipline that it takes to lead the Dot Com lifestyle. No sense making it to financial freedom if your health isn’t in position to enjoy it.

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