There’s a logical reason we call successful e-commerce entrepreneurship the Dot Com lifestyle as opposed to the laptop lifestyle.

As smartphone capabilities become more and more robust, it’s increasingly practical to run our online business from the palm of our hand.


Do know I’ll wait until I reach the 19th hole before getting down to work. I don’t want to cause delays on the course.

But there it is. My business is in my pocket, and no matter where a particular day finds me — in the boat, in the mountains, or wherever — I can now handle most of my tasks with relative ease.

One drawback exists, though.


The more involved the task, the quicker the burn rate.

Until recent breakthroughs make it to the real world, entrepreneurs on the go often rely upon portable chargers, such as quick-charging handheld battery packs — stacked behind the phone, for example — and/or pocket-sizers with a patch cord.

Still, the day is nearing when recharging will become even more convenient.

Dracula Technologies in France has made great strides with its LAYER® — Light As Your Energy Response — system that literally prints out solar cells as re-chargers.

Follow the bat sticker:

This technology utilizes ambient light to generate the energy to power your smartphone on a constant trickle basis.

Their flexible solar cells are made of conductive plastic and currently require an hour to print. They can be customized in shape and color or even be transparent.

The company raised €1.8million in 2017 to further the development of this system and bring it to market in the near future.

Coming into view as well is the prototype of a phone that needs no chargers at all:

These advances can’t come soon enough.

It’s still easy to get confused between the myths and reality of smartphone battery upkeep. When in doubt, the simplest advice is this:

  • Visit your phone’s Settings at least every other day,
  • Choose whatever option your phone’s manufacturer calls Device Maintenance,
  • Run a scan, and
  • Let the phone auto-optimize whatever issues it finds.


The trend of smartphones being the tool of choice continues to gain momentum not only for entrepreneurs but also for the people they’re working to reach.

Maximizing their power — literally and figuratively –means living the Dot Com lifestyle is more convenient and effective than ever.

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