We keep hearing that consumers’ attention spans keep getting shorter.

The reality is there’s no data to support it, but the concept of marketers striking while the iron is hot remains an advisable objective.

To do so in this part of the 21st century, let’s keep a couple of trends in mind:


These statistics confirm that a growing number of consumers are constantly connected to cyberspace. It’s to the point among Millennials and younger demographics that the term online has no real meaning to them anymore.

And make no mistake. They’re the ones who are already setting our media and marketing trends.

Clearly, this means when a consumer makes a decision to take action, it’s odds-on a mobile phone, tablet, and/or desktop computer will be instantly involved.

four mini moment questions

Those are the times when consumers in your niche need to find you immediately.

Naturally, it’d be a good idea to …

Next, consider implementing an efficient quick-strike campaign to direct them to your funnel when any or all of those game-changing occasions arise.


Google has defined these as micro-moments, when people reflexively turn to a device — increasingly a smartphone — to act on a need to learn something, do something, discover something, watch something, or buy something.

In essence, these are opportunities to answer the four game-changing moments so as to promote your product and/or service.

Naturally, this is Google providing examples, so of course they’re going to feature Search.

They’re also correct to do so. Consumers overwhelmingly hit the engines for more information when they’re ready to buy, so taking the time to optimize your site for the spiders is well worth it.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a deliberate process, but as we can well attest, it’s a traffic magnet once you implement and refine the elements required.

You’ll find administering your own site can also serve to enhance your position as an authority figure.


Once you’ve established a reliable online base, you’ll have covered those micro-moments where a motivated prospect opts to research you and the product and/or service you’re representing.

Your related funnel will have assisted in keeping your brand at the forefront. You may even want to add a negative advertising strategy to assist in that task.

The next step in your campaign to benefit from micro-moments is to ramp up Google’s advice via social media by addressing those with short attention spans.


This calls for social media campaigns designed for brevity and impact:

  • A niche-related hook opens the presentation;
  • Text is minimal, and
  • Graphics are presented briskly to convey action.

Here’s an example of a micro-moment ad that works for our Fanorama store whenever a Star Wars movie hits the theaters or the holiday season rolls around:


VideoWrappr is a simple piece of software that’s built for non-tech types to capitalize on creating micro-moment campaigns.

Just pull up the video presentation you want to feature and add text:


The beauty of VideoWrappr is it catches a viewer’s attention whether or not the audio is activated.

Don’t have videos of your own? If you’re an affiliate, work with one that’s posted by its developer. Most will allow you to either share in totality or edit a clip from their presentation.

Do you want to get started in making your own videos? Fittingly, your smartphone will suffice, and you can download Shotcut — a free video editor that’s non-tech friendly  — to put it all together.

Seriously, it’s easy to use. Just get to know the playhead — that moving white bar — and you’ll be pumping out videos in no time.

All you need to do afterward is upload the finished product to your video player — YouTube is one, and it’s free — and you’ve got your centerpiece for micro-moment social media campaigns.

Add a dose of attitude


… and you’ll be ready to mount a sustained charge on achieving the Dot Com lifestyle.

Everything described here is mobile-friendly. You’ll have positioned yourself to be at a customer’s instant beck-&-call when he or she has that micro-moment and whips out the smartphone.

All of this is there to be done. Just have a micro-moment of your own and take action.

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