The tipping point was 2014. That’s when mobile overtook desktop as the prime delivery system for online content.

So, if you’re striving to achieve the Dot Com lifestyle, how efficiently are you using mobile in your marketing mix?

Well, start by asking yourself how you’re clicking on your mobile screen as opposed to your desktop.

Even counting the clickbait at the bottom of articles, odds are you aren’t giving ads much notice, since they’re on the fringes of your smartphone or tablet.

Then, consider a recent study by MarketingSherpa that revealed readers actually like viewing ads.

The key, as any stand-up comic will confirm, is how you tell ’em.

In online marketing, the best way to tell ’em is still by e-mail.

According to MarketingSherpa, this is where e-mail ranks in the overall scheme of things:

  • 54% of those surveyed preferred receiving promotions by direct mail.
  • 49% preferred receiving updates and promotions via email.
  • 38% preferred websites to connect with brands.
  • 20% kept tabs via social media.

What’s more, 24% subscribe to e-mail lists for that purpose.

Then, toss in the fact that — based on an October 2015 LiveIntent study — 54% of all e-mail is now opened on a smartphone or tablet.

If your message is going to gain momentum with readers, it’s important for your e-mail campaign to have a format. One that’s tried-and-true is advisable:

And remember, the purpose of your e-mail presentation is to add value, not to sell. The last thing you want to be is the online version of that dude in a plaid jacket.

Customers will let you know when they’re ready to buy. You just need to keep them aware that you’re ready to help.

And that’s best done from the center of their mobile screen, not the edges.

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