Mention private jets, and the general impressions are usually:

  • JL Gotrocks is off on another jaunt, just because he can;
  • Someone’s got luxury perks in the corporate expense account; and/or
  • The rich and famous are rising above the great unwashed yet again.

That’s changing, region by region. And you don’t have to be mega-rich or privileged to take advantage of travel’s ultimate time saver.

If you’re in the New York City area, welcome to Blade:

This is an on-demand aviation service that lets you crowdsource flights or book a last-minute seat in helicopters, seaplanes, and now, private jets to destinations like the Hamptons, Nantucket, JFK Airport, and Miami.

If you’re well on your way to the Dot Com lifestylehint: high-ticket programs get you there faster — amenities like these become affordable. Just calculate your day rate to see what your time is worth.

If you’re saving enough of it by, in essence, shaving hours of ordinary travel hassle from your itinerary, then welcome to the new way.

Incidentally, Blade’s downtown lounges are an added convenience where you can enjoy the surroundings, nosh, and drink while waiting for a jet copter to whisk you to the airport.

Impressively, it’s the millennials who form the fastest-growing client base. But it makes sense.

From Über to Seamless, that demographic was virtually raised on instant, on-demand everything. As well, more and more of them are choosing digital careers, where the earning upsides are higher for motivated marketers.

And, of course, there are some who simply do it for the ‘Gram.

millennials private jet

Many millennials don’t see private air services as a luxury at all.

They’ll cite cars as an example. Whether they drive a Ferrari or a Volkswagen, they’re still in a car, driving on the same road. Thus, there’s no tangible benefit to a luxury car as long as their current vehicle is serviceable.

In contrast, the private charters eliminate airport traffic congestion, security lines, herding on and off the plane, luggage checking and pick-up, and scrunching into whatever personal space they’ve bought. That’s an impressive list of rebated time and stress.

Another intangible can occur on the crowdsourcing flights: quality networking.

Those who utilize charter services are most likely to be of the motivated persuasion with a high work ethic. Quite often, they’d be good people to know, and the setting of a shared private jet provides an opportune occasion to do so.

There’s truth to the adage that success mingles with success.

Blade utilizes Gulfstream IV jets from the JFI fleet. There’s ample room to relax and review.

Each of the 12 individual captain’s seats come with their own iPad Pros, which have been preloaded with movies curated by the Tribeca Film Festival. Flight attendants wearing uniforms designed by Tamara Mellon will serve cocktails and a meal designed by noted chef Todd English.

Gulfstream IV

Companies like Blade offer all the trappings of luxury as a part of everyday life, and millennials get it.

They’re accessing direct services to reclaim time. It starts with being independent and motivated. Done well, it never ends.

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