There’s nothing like combining two trends, winning a high-profile $500,000 prize, and getting set to cash in on the resulting hot market.

That’s Nixie in a nutshell.

It’s a wearable whose prototype was introduced late in 2014 and seems to be ripped straight from a Batman movie that can take to the skies and record its surroundings.

And it’s coming soon to a wrist near you:

Here’s its co-founder Christoph Kohstall at CES 2015 showing the prototype in action:

That’s what Nixie calls its Boomerang mode, where it returns to your wrist automatically after shooting videos or photos. As shown in its introductory video, there’s also a Follow Me mode, where it hovers around you, shooting vids and photos whilst you’re getting up to whatever it is you’re doing.

And don’t think Nixie will be a novelty.

There can be no stronger confirmation of commercial viability than an established company seeing enough to be convinced it’s time to roll out a competitor. GoPro has announced plans to enter this market.

It’s already become heavily invested in drones:

Nixie has given no word yet as to a suggested retail price.

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