Maybe a $31,000 retail price for a wrist-worn timepiece sounds extravagant, but there’s just so much right about the MB&F HMX watch.

Company founder Maximilian Büsser engraves a refreshing motto on the back of these artworks:

A creative adult is a child who survived.

The Swiss master is definitely that, distinctively combining his love of high-end autos with his finely-tuned vocation:

Essentially, the HMX is the surrogate driving machine Büsser always wanted to build.

It’s designed to be ergonomically correct for life on the road, literally. The time is indicated not on the top of the watch but to the side, which is how they were build in the early days of racing. The idea is that when your hands are on a steering wheel or some other type of control, you don’t need to remove or turn your watch hand in order to read the time.

Notably, the HMX comes in four colors, underscoring his elite automotive theme:

Büsser deploys an ingenious method to bring the watch to life. Light comes in from the top of the watch, which is then captured by angular prisms that transmit the display out to the edge of the case.

HMX colors

Along with just being a clever application, it also means you’re not truly looking at the time – just a reflection of it. The result is stunning.

HMX with watchband

It’s high-end products like this that pushes technology to new levels, with the results in turn advancing standards throughout the industry and related applications.

To summarize:

MB&F is only producing 20 watches in each color, which provides yet another benefit for their prospective owners.

The HMX is going to become a collector’s item immediately. Their value will increase exponentially. Thus, like classic artwork in other forms, the HMX is a rational investment.

It’s the sort of purchase that makes perfect sense for anyone who’s achieved the Dot Com lifestyle.

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