Strict discipline is an admirable thing … if you’re a Marine.

For them and the brave men and women in other branches of the military, it’s a job requirement, as well it should be. After all, danger can strike at any moment in the course of their duties.

One particular lapse and any one of them could suffer the same fate as Star Trek’s mythically ill-fated dudes in the red shirts.


That’s gotta hurt.

The point is, any margin for error can still be tragic.

Fortunately, a stray from discipline every now and then for the rest of us rarely has consequences as severe. But there are consequences.

For example, at the end of the month when income doesn’t equal or exceed expenses.


If this has happened to you more than once, it might be worth considering another approach.

Like the anti-budget.

Simply stated, you’re still monitoring your finances, but you’re doing it in reverse.

Think of it like this:

The object isn’t about sacrifice,
it’s about choice and awareness.

This approach is much more positive, placing the focus on where your spending is made as opposed to spending you should avoid.

By tracking your finances instead of projecting them, you may even discover it’s more efficient to know where you can cut back to get the things you want.


Of course, you still can’t go crazy with your month.

And whether you budget or anti-budget, when you do your assessments, don’t forget that taxes will likely be your largest expense over the course of the year. Make allowances.

One way or another, you must have a handle on your spending. If you’ve found that staring at a spreadsheet doesn’t or won’t work for you, then finding another way is essential.

Deploying an anti-budget may be it.

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