Here are the best legitimate ways to get rich quickly:

  • Inherit big money,
  • Marry into it, or
  • Win the lottery.

And here are some extremely effective ways to go broke quickly:

  • Thinking you can get rich quick in network marketing, and/or
  • Having absolutely no business plan before you commit to a network marketing opportunity.

If you’re thinking about starting an online business, just know that success is still going to require your commitment to the time and effort it takes to do a job well.

It’s also going to take some thought about what will enable you to be a success if you do put in the time and effort.

Here’s one effective answer:

Have a unique product!

Now, you can search for hours, but the reality is your most unique product is staring at you every time you look in the mirror.

That’s right! It’s YOU!

And, you might ask, what makes you so unique? Well, find someone else who is you!

Not there, are they? (And, no, not even an identical twin is you!)

A huge part of you is what you know. Maybe it’s a skill or hobby you have. Maybe it’s your opinion. Maybe it’s just your personality!

Whatever it is, here’s how you can make the most of what you bring to life’s party:

Write about it!

And that brings us to putting yourself out there online. Running your own website for pay. Becoming an e-commerce entrepreneur as your business. One that can not be duplicated. If someone wants you, they have to come to you!

So, how do you get started and what platform will provide you with the tools to achieve your best shot at success?

Well, this is your lucky day! You actually have a choice of entry points!

Let’s say you’re not quite comfortable with the website option yet. Here’s a tried-&-true method of initiating your learning curve and generating revenues while you do so without a web presence:

This is the system that originated the 100% commission format you now see copied by so many others.

Don’t worry if you think you could use a bit of polish as an author or a marketer. Among other resources, I’m personally available to assist.

I’m an editor at The Daily Player — our top-ranked snarky sports site — and I enjoy writing and marketing.

I cannot stress enough that now is the time to do your research! I’m more than available to answer any question you might have, including assisting you in building a realistic business plan before you make any decisions.

Who knows? You may find, like me and many others, that websites are awesome promotional vehicles for all businesses. Why not make money with the promotional vehicle as well!

If you are truly committed — that’s truly — to building a better life through e-commerce, then I recommend joining the industry leader, because it’s earned that title for a reason:

It works!

If you’re that person, then do what successful people do. Take action!

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