There are few things more annoying than stumbling into an e-mail or sales page presentation that opens with this:

Dear Struggling Marketer …

Especially when you’re not struggling and haven’t been for some time.

Those three words can give recipients — even newbies — a fairly lasting impression of their presenter. It’s usually at least one of two possibilities:

  • Ignorance … they haven’t even bothered to research their intended readers; and/or
  • Arrogance … who are they to talk down to their readers like that?

If there’s not a faster way for a message to get unsubscribed, blocked, deleted, and reported as phishing for good measure, I don’t know what it is.

Simply having the common sense and decency to know that’s not the way to gain trust or authority puts you in the top half of the marketing world.

When using e-mail as a marketing vehicle — and it’s still one of the most accessible and effective mediums available — you’re doing it to serve your recipients.

Knowing your recipients’ traits is a strong start in connecting with them.

The next task is to provide content that they’ll want to open.

Here’s an example of how we apply a few of these tips and techniques to one of the mailing lists for Fanorama, the online store associated with The Daily Player, which is our top-rated snarky sports site.

Our target market, basically, is college-educated millennials — with an eye for the Gen Y crowd (those born in the mid-1990s onward) — who follow sports and can often bring a healthy dose of cynicism to their content consumption.

daily playerWe’ve been known to turn the snark-o-meter up to 11 in our articles, but we dial it back ever so slightly at the store. Still, we’ve come to find our readers expect a bit of an attitude from us.

Thus, when we send a reminder via our autoresponder that a shopper departed and left something in his or her cart, we’ve got a follow-up e-mail entitled:

Your cart is about to explode, scattering its contents to the wind

fanorama abandoned cart follow-up message***

The title sounds enough like us to encourage our readers to open it, and we couch our message to make the point spiced with the sort of tone they’d expect from us.

Humor can help make your message memorable, but make sure it’s received in the spirit it’s intended.

Incidentally, AWeber offers a free e-mail list growth course that’s worth taking.

It features four hours of instruction over six videos, covering fundamentals essential to a successful e-mail campaign.

E-mail is one of the most effective means of getting one-on-one attention from your recipients. That sorta ratio can lead to Dot Com success if you put yourself in position to make it count.

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