Clearly, you should appreciate anyone who visits your online hub — website or blog — but you need to know how to appreciate some more than others.

Obviously, the traffic you get is good, but it’s conversions that pave your way to the Dot Com lifestyle.

And time is your ultimate currency, so you must have a format in place to apportion it efficiently.

That’s further validation that you need an online presence to enhance your authority as an e-commerce entrepreneur. It’s not difficult at all to create your own website, which is how virtually every successful business addresses every stage of the buying cycle.

In many cases, a blog is all you’ll need. It accomplishes the three key objectives of an online hub:

  • It presents you in a position of authority;
  • It presents your product and/or service; and
  • It offers your visitors a channel of direct contact with you.

But trust me, if you’ve got a useful product and/or service, that direct contact can soon get out of hand.

So what’s the best way to deal with it?

Simply put: qualify your prospects.

Here are three techniques to identify those who need your offer and thus are most prone to be paying customers:

  • Segment those who take action from those who do not. Include an element on each page of your online hub — eg- a link to click, an opt-in box, a free download — and then spend more of your time and effort on the visitors who engage.
  • Polarize your visitors. You don’t have to be a jerk about it, but present yourself and your content in a manner that your target market gets. For example, Better Life Focus may be relevant to motivated marketers of all ages, but it’s geared toward millennials who haven’t been beaten down by life yet, don’t want to be, and are ready to do something about it. Now.
  • Give them a process to complete. If they take the time and make the effort to engage in a step-by-step system, they’re motivated. The Yoda Code does the job for us; we can track who commits to it and are quick to offer any assistance they might require.

On every page, give your visitors a convenient opportunity to take action, gauge their motivation, and then be front-and-center to guide their way from there to the Dot Com lifestyle.

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