If your door’s not locked, it’s logical to assume you’re fine with visitors entering.

So, how convenient have you made it for them?


As obvious a thought as that is, it’s amazing how many websites and blogs aren’t being monitored for the same thing.

Think about it: you’re spending time — and often, money — to entice customers to enter your website. That’s challenging enough. Once they hit your link, you don’t want to make them wait while it loads.

And loads. And loads. And do know we could only be talking fractions of seconds, here.


On average, visitors only stay on a home page for two seconds. If your pages are loading slower than they should, you could be left with potential sales going right back out the door.

Page speed is a factor the search engines consider in their ranking algorithm. As well, both Google and Amazon found that a loading difference of half a second caused a 20% decrease in traffic. That adds up.

It’s not difficult to measure page speed. What’s more, there are a number of free tools available to do it. Google’s Page Insights is one of the simplest:

Now, if your results show there’s more room for zoom on your site, there are a few simple and free fixes you can deploy.

If you have a blog — and you should — platforms that are already hosted and search engine optimized will already do much of this for you. It’s one reason why the Empower Network system is so popular.

If your site and/or blog is on WordPress, consider this:

It’s important not to add too many plug-ins. Delete those you’re not using.

As you can see, these tasks are simple to do and take very little time. The Amazon and Google findings have shown them to be worth it, confirming once again that time is indeed money.

Don’t lose it. Make it.

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