There’s definitely a place in life and business for the power of positive thinking.


Conventional wisdom has it that all you need to do is fuel yourself with positive self-talk, and you can do anything.However, at some point, another self-perspective would be more efficient. Especially when you’re seriously considering starting your own business.

Face it, that’s a life-changing decision and you have to treat it that way. If you accept that e-commerce provides the best opportunity for success, you’re either going to be on the path to the Dot Com lifestyle or in the throes of blowing time and money because taking action is more of a concept than a commitment.


If you’re absolutely determined to succeed because you will accept no other outcome, then there’s a more efficient way to talk to yourself.

And that’s to ask yourself questions.

Don’t say, I can do it!
Say Can I do it?


Researchers Ibrahim Senay and Dolores Albrarracin of the University of Illinois, along with Kenji Noguchi of the University of Southern Mississippi, discovered that interrogative self-talk was far more powerful than best-case scenario affirmative self-talk.

That’s because your brain starts trying to answer the question when you ask yourself, Can I do it?

Then, it starts providing you with answers.

When you just say I can do it, your brain isn’t activated in trying to solve a problem. It figures the problem is already solved. No help needed.


As well, when you ask yourself questions, you discover your own motivations for wanting to achieve something as opposed to the external motivations of others. And internal motivations are far more powerful than external ones.

Asking yourself questions helps you succeed far more than telling yourself that you can succeed.

So, can you succeed with your own online business?

  • Can you make big commissions?
  • Can you achieve your financial dreams?
  • Can you achieve location freedom?
  • Money freedom?
  • Time freedom?

Those are the questions you should be asking yourself. And when your answers start making sense, it’s time for the positive affirmations to kick in and for you to start taking action.

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