It’s absolutely true: There’s nothing like achieving and living the Dot Com lifestyle.

To make it all possible, the importance of this strategy cannot be stressed enough:


The popular image of attaining and maintaining financial freedom may be the four-hour work week, but of course, any successful business involves more than that.

There will be days when a mere hour or two of administration and customer relations will suffice, but there will be many more that call for rolling up our sleeves and delving into it in order to advance the cause.

The key is that when those times come, we really are advancing the cause instead of simply treading water … or worse.


This is why automation is so important every step of the way — from start-up to upscale — in virtually every aspect of your marketing.

automating the sales funnel

Beyond doubt, there’s some nifty cool stuff out there.

For example, on the high end, here’s Visiblee, a French-based software that automates targeted lead generation and lead scoring, and it’s worth every bit of its $299 monthly subscription:

For most motivated entrepreneurs, though, this level of automation only becomes feasible when they’re well along the way in their endeavors.

Fortunately, there are efficient automation options for those in the early stages of their entrepreneurial journey that are either free or have realistic purchase prices.

HubSpot is a popular and proven platform with a free suite of services that addresses the vital task of Customer Relationship Managment (CRM).

With all the bases it covers, HubSpot deserves strong consideration in any basic business setup.

For internal organization, it’s hard to beat Trello.

It’s a free activity tracker that allows you to survey the state of your operations at a glance. What’s more, it’s simple to quickly update, which enhances your ability to focus on moving your business forward in a positive manner.


There is nothing more mundane than researching, collecting, and analyzing data, which is probably why it’s one of the least-performed marketing activities among the uninitiated.

It’s also a key reason why so many businesses hobble along or fail completely.

This is where automation comes to the rescue with a number of options, including:

The underlying reason for starting an online business is to reclaim your time by doing something you enjoy.

Automation helps you accomplish this in a significant way, enabling you to make your day your day.

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