Although most of us do what we can to answer to a higher cause, Big Tech understands the bottom line of our mortality better than most:

And it keeps discovering ways to make this more convenient.

Amazon, of course, already has a one-click-to-your-wallet component. Others are moving as quickly as possible to get there.

The latest platform to enter the fray is Instagram.

Snapchat may be the pioneer in video presentations that are formatted for a smartphone screen, but a cruel fact of history is it’s usually the innovator and not the inventor who reaps the rewards of discovery.

So when Facebook saw this to be the future of marketing, it immediately snapped up Instagram, added its considerable wealth of data and resources, and began capitalizing on Instagram’s legions of trendy influencers to morph it into a commercial juggernaut.

To lead its charge into e-commerce, Instagram has logically chosen its überpopular Stories feature.

In these productions, smartphone cameras have replaced keyboards for creating content, which is published in short bursts. Anyone can make and post them with a minimum of effort.

Here’s musician John Mayer to demonstrate their simplicity:

A useful source of tutorials on the subject can be found at Howfinity.

After a few months of testing, Instagram has now rolled out its upgrade to make shopping there more convenient:

  • They’ve added direct-click stickers within Stories to facilitate purchases, and
  • They’ve inserted a new Shopping tab on the Explore page.

Here’s Howfinity to demonstrate the changes:


These upgrades will undoubtedly excite Shopify store owners whose Instagram sites already funnel traffic to them. It’s virtually a given that their businesses will get a bump.

The perception of smartphone-screen presentations is they can be much more personal than those on other platforms. An advantage for solopreneurs in this regard is there’s less of a premium on production quality. Being real is what matters.

Besides, Instagram currently allows a maximum story length of only 15 seconds.


Remember, an essential tenet of marketing is that it’s odds-on your customers can buy your product and/or service from many other outlets, so quite often the determining factor in their decision to purchase from you is their relationship with you.

Any platform that facilitates your opportunity for this to happen is worth learning to use.

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