The Dot Com lifestyle offers a world of fulfillment for those who have earned the time and resources to enjoy them.

The key word is earned.

And nothing of life-changing value is earned without commitment.

Simply put, achieving success comes down to living by the Yoda Code:


One of my mentors put it into harsher terms, from the perspective of time.

If prospective associates tell you they’ll try, tell them to try somewhere else.

Forget the sales pitches of quick riches at the push of a button. Attaining life-changing success is neither free nor easy. But here’s the good news:

There has never been a better time in mankind’s history to become successful.

We’ve ascended to the Knowledge Age. Technology has enabled us to gain immediate global access to whatever it is we wish to discover. Never before has a solution to any of our needs been so available.


Frankly, it’s more than likely you either possess a valuable solution or know where to source it. Therein lie the seeds to your Dot Com success. Your challenge is to nurture them.

And then you need to take action. Now. Nothing changes until you do.


First and foremost, as with any other serious business venture, you must learn the basics of e-commerce. And don’t cheat yourself by taking shortcuts. Understanding something thoroughly takes time, which will save you tons of it later.

Regardless of what you may have heard elsewhere, you must establish your own online presence. Even if you’re an affiliate marketer. If you think all you need to do is drive prospects to someone else’s website or a clone site they gave you, all you’ll ever be is their bird dog.

There’s a cruder term for that on the streets, but the net effect is the same.


The one thing you have that absolutely no one else does is your persona. Make it work for you.

This involves creating your own unique platform in cyberspace. One way to begin is by staking out a piece of cyberspace that looks professional. After all, who’s going to take you seriously if you don’t look like you mean business?

If you make the effort, others will be more inclined to take the effort.


And make no mistake, building a successful business is an effort. As it should be. It’s what separates the wheat from the chaff, which is when the real bread starts to be made.

Buy into the Yoda Code, and odds are strong you’ll be making lots of it.


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