One of the fundamental tenets of the Dot Com lifestyle is to earn back time.

That can be a challenge when it comes to travel.

Owning and operating an online business eliminates those soul-crushing daily commutes to someone else’s office, but there are still occasions in the course of commerce when journeys are required. The most annoying are those mid-range distances that can burn most of a day.

Enter billionaire and tech supremo Elon Musk. He’s conquered cars, is in the process of doing the same with spacecraft, and has now turned his attention to mass transit.

Introducing the Hyperloop:

The principle of objects being propelled quickly through a pneumatic tube is universally accepted. Just think of making a deposit at an outer drive-in banking lane.

Musk started getting serious about the Hyperloop in 2013, and now, prototypes are ready for real-world testing:

As well, Musk announced the finalists in a competition — sponsored by his SpaceX operation — to determine a design for the first tests. A group from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology won top standing and will be one of 22 teams chosen to proceed with their ideas.

Here’s what runner-up Delft University in the Netherlands proposed and will pursue:

Ultimately, within the next few years, Musk and his associates expect your travel experience to look something like this:

If all goes as planned, those living the Dot Com lifestyle will be well-placed to capitalize on yet another 21st century advance to keep them in command of how they spend the best portion of their days.

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