Perhaps you’re considering a work-at-home opportunity and realize you’d better get organized to maximize your chances of success.

And perhaps your living space is congested enough to accommodate the sort of work space that accommodates a desktop and/or laptop along with everything that goes with it.

For whatever reason, if it’s out of the question to add another piece or two of furniture to your living space to accommodate your decision to pursue the Dot Com lifestyle, then going ergonomic could be your answer.

Consider the Ergotron Home Hub27 wall mounted desk:

As you can see, the Hub27 is an adjustable-height work unit that you attach to a wall.

The table flips up to bring a small footprint into your living space. It can also store your electronics, stationary, pens, paperclips and other items you may need for everyday entrepreneurial office work.

The Hub27 is lockable which makes it a great option if you’re going to work in a shared area. The system also has a well and cable caddy to hold all your patch cords.

The frosted glass work surface can double as a dry erase board if someone needs to leave a message. It also comes out three inches from the wall so you have a modicum of extra shelf space.

The Hub27 is easy to install, although it might be a good idea to ask someone to help lift it in place when you do it.

Once it’s up and ready to go, so are you. Quickly, conveniently, and ergonomically.

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